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Yearling Benefits

At Riga Angus our focus is on producing a quality product for our clients. We acknowledge the breadth of breeding and marketing requirements of our client base. The decision to market yearling bulls enhances our ability to better address these diverse requirements, by utilising the rapidly evolving new technologies and increased accuracies they provide to describe young bulls.

Fertile active bulls are essential for a profitable herd and we believe young bulls should not be pampered. This and the use of Riga Bulls has enabled us to achieve some outstanding results, e.g. 98% conception in a 7 week joining




The benefits of using yearling bulls include:

  • Accelerated genetic gain within your herd
  • Inbuilt soundness and longevity, as the bulls are young, keen, strong, lean and fit
  • Can lower cost of production as they are proven to have longer working lives resulting in a lower cost per calf over time
  • Can be easier to manage as are working instead of idle in a paddock and are then more ready to settle into a rest period
  • Whilst working them can impact appearance, attention to post joining diet overcomes this and the bulls generally remain lean and fit for longer
  • Lighter weights can also extend their use over heifers
  • Being younger they are also more adaptable to their new environment

Selling yearling bulls to our client base is not new, with many achieving a range of exceptional results.

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We used our yearling bull in the autumn and spring to achieve 100 natural pregnancies in his first year. It did however take a few years to reach his growth potential

We achieved 100% conception with our yearling Riga bull

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