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Breeding Philosophy

Over 50 years of proven breeding and maternal performance combined with ongoing selection pressure for sustainable traits together with the latest technologies ensures balanced future breeding with clients requirements and outcomes in mind.

To assist commercial producers to turn off maximum kilograms of beef we primarily focus on producing functional, fertile, easy maintenance and efficient females. We value the contribution these types of females make towards future sustainability, particularly given increasing erratic climatic events.

Selection pressure on the females within the strict parameters set for fertility, calving ease, structural soundness, doing ability, milk and temperament is fundamental to the program.

AI, ET, Genomics and the collection of Raw Data which is supplied to Breedplan is used to further manipulate the desired genetic gain. Muscling, marbling, yield and other important characteristics determining meat eating quality is continually being refined within this female base.

The generations of females bred here under the above philosophy are recognised as the power house of our operation.

Key Dates

Spring Bull Sale 2024

1pm Wednesday 2nd of October 2024

Beef Week 2025


Yearling Bull Sale 2025


Spring Bull Sale 2025