Ian & Vera M: 0429 939 105 (vera), 0458 629 689 (tim)

Quality Assurance

  • Bulls are rigorously selected from their contemporary groups for suitability to be yearling bulls, with approx 40% retained
  • They are prepared so that the bulls have correct rumen management, are well grown but not over fat, have adequate time for high quality sperm production and are ready for service
  • Handled with respect and selected for good temperament
  • Well grown, averaging and exceeding 500kg at 12 months
  • Sexually mature with scrotal minimum 32 cm at 12 months
  • Parent Verified to sire and dam where possible
  • DNA tested for genetic disorders, AM, NH, CA, DD
  • GTS scored by Dick Whale of IBMS
  • Scanned and foot scored by Liam Cardile of Beef Xcel
  • Veterinary inspected for fertility
  • Johne’s Beef Assurance Score 7 (J-BAS 7)
  • From a LPA QA accredited property P300074
  • Breedplan recorded with maximum data input
  • Detailed documentation of animal history supplied

Comprehensive Health Treatments

  • 2 x 7 in 1
  • 1 x 5 in 1
  • 2 x Pestiguard
  • 2 x Vibrovax
  • Selovin LA
  • Cydectin Platinum drench
  • Piliguard
  • Tested PI negative
  • Fasinex Oral when required
  • Bovishield
  • Rhinogard 

Fertility Guarantee

To the best of our knowledge together with the attention to detail in preparing the sale bulls, they are fertile and sound as supported by the documentation provided. If an animal becomes infertile or breaks down due to reasons other than misadventure, illness or injury we will provide you:

  1. With a satisfactory replacement OR
  2. Credit you the purchase price less the salvage value for use in the next sale

A claim is to be accompanied by a veterinary certificate with the costs the responsibility of the purchaser within 12 months of purchase.



Key Dates

Spring Bull Sale 2024

1pm Wednesday 2nd of October 2024

Beef Week 2025


Yearling Bull Sale 2025


Spring Bull Sale 2025