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Helmsman Selling System

The Helmsman Selling System allows you to place bids on any bull(s) of your choice at any time period during the sale period. You have the opportunity to reassess each lot during the sale and can take home the bull(s) you want, irrespective of the lot order.

How the Helmsman System Works
  • On arrival intending purchasers need to register and receive a bidding number.
  • All bulls are displayed for the inspection period and during the sale.
  • When the sale commences all bulls are on the market simultaneously. You may bid on any bull regardless of lot number, by filling in a bid card with your bid price and buyer number and hand it to a “runner”. These bids will then be given to a central person in the order they are received and posted on a large board in the tent displaying bids and buyer numbers so you will be able to see at a glance whether your bid stands or has been over bided.
  • Where bids of equal amounts are on the same animal the first bid received will be the standing bid.
  • A bid cannot be retracted.
  • You may open bidding at the reserve price indicated for each animal in the sale catalogue and contest bids in multiples as advised by the sales manager.
  • If your “first choice” animal goes beyond your limits you can still bid on any other animal in the sale.
  • The sale will be open for 20 minutes. At the end of 20 minutes a 2 minute bid clock will commence. A bid on any lot will restart the countdown clock. Any further bids on any lot will trigger the same process until a full 2 minute “no bid” period will conclude the sale (or at the discretion of the sale manager).

Key Dates

Spring Bull Sale 2024

1pm Wednesday 2nd of October 2024

Beef Week 2025


Yearling Bull Sale 2025


Spring Bull Sale 2025