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RASV Heifer Challenge

Riga Angus was thrilled to be named a finalist in the 2020 RASV Heifer Challenge. The RASV Heifer Challenge is a competition designed for stud stock producers to put up a pen of 10 registered heifers suitable as herd replacements. 

The judging criterion was based on: breed characteristics, maternal potential, feet and legs, uniformity, temperament, overall presentation and physical correctness. Following on from winning champion pen in 2013, Riga Angus was selected as a FINALIST in the 2014 and the 2015 RASV Heifer Challenge Competition. This was a huge honour as only a select few cattle studs have consistently been placed in the ‘Top 10’.










Key Dates

Beef Week 2022

Jan 30th 2022

Bull Preview Morning 2022

30th of March

7th Yearling Bull Sale 2022

13th of April 2022 

Female Sale 2022

13th of April 2022